Stefano Rizzi
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Born in Gallarate (VA), on dec.17th, 1963. Diploma taken at the Scientific Lyceum, in Gallarate.

Diploma in advertising photography, taken at the European Institute of Design in Milan, which I occasionally Collaborate with, actually, as an examiner in the commission for the final thesis in photography .

Photographer associated with Tau Visual, with level certification also recognized by our CNEL ( National Working Chamber of Italian Parliament ).

Diploma of Movie Maker taken at the JVC PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL

Member of Jury in such events as Mediastars or Targa Oro, which are competition among the best advertising

Campaign of the year, maiden by the greatest Agencies of Publicity in the World.

European website: . Some pictures of mine are also shown on the official Adobe website: In the area of fashion,Glamour… or Advertising. There are also some photos in the Saatchi Gallery website, London, or in the Hype Gallery site, In Milan and Berlin, on the fibre2 indian Fashion Magazine website: . Personal website (not updated):

One of the official photographers at the final competition, Elite Model Look, in Prague, on April 2008.

Teacher at the Elite Fashion Academy.

Specialized in: Fashion, Advertising Photography, Still-Life, Interior Design of Yachts, Luxury Hotels and Cruise Ships, besides Travels and Excursions.

Main working experiences abroad:

New York, for pictures of interiors at the Mayfair Baglioni Hotel, in Park Avenue.

London for shootings about an Hotel,in Charing Cross.

Dubai for photos about the Chicago Beach Hotel and the Boat-Show.

Montecarlo at the Lowes Summit.

Ibiza for a redational on a Yacht line.

Rio de Janeiro for the Meridien Hotel.

Cuba for the Cubapoint Calendar 2007, also sponsored by Bluepanorama, Unaltrosole tour operator…., published on the “Repubblica” website, Tiscali Home Page, among others, whose backstage has been shown on Fashion Tv,Sky Channel 811, for a long period ( few months ).

Egypt, for the Cubapoint Calendar 2008, also shown on “Repubblica” website, Fashion Tv… and also to take pictures about

The Veratour holiday village, Queen Sharm. Cuba,Havana , for the Cubapoint Calendar, 2009.

Aerial photographic services,authorized by the Sios of our Military Air force, for photos about Firms, Factories, Hotels, such as Sanyo Argo Clima, Cardano Hotel… or Off-Shore Games, in Italy and abroad.

Advertising Fashion Campaigns:

Trea, fashion gold, on the main Mondadori magazines.

Renato Balestra, bags and luggage, for Supermarkets.

Big markets of Milanese outskirts, with Federica Moro as testimonial.

Press campaign and posters 6x3 m, about man fashion, for J&S, in Milan and Province, with publication also, on some of the mains national newspapers and selected magazines, with Davide Erba,model for “Roncato” commercial, on the Mediaset tv channels.

Advertising campaign for Tiberti fashion store, with posters 6x8 m, over the A4 highway, and various newspapers, With Klaudia Borroni, Rai 2…

Catalogue and window posters for Ms Group/ Marta Marzotto.with the related backstage,shown by fashion Tv.

Catalogue and window posters for Cavendish with publication on specialized magazines, with the backstage on Fashion Tv.

Lauda Livingston/Ventaglio press campaign, with the Milan team testimonial,after having won the 7th Champion Cup,

Published by “ La Gazzetta dello Sport” and other newspapers.

Catalogue for Centro Caribe Overseas, Santo Domingo, with Madays Cuban model, who performed the famous commercial of the “ Havana Club”,shown on Tvs worldwide.

Pictures published on ads pages, by the main magazines: Cosmopolitan, Chi, Gioia, Grazia, Gente, Dove, Yacht Premiere, l’Orafo Italiano, Linea Intima, Intimo più mare….

Underwear/collants.. firms I worked for: No Limits/Parah, for Vega 3, One Shot, London, Maglificio di Borgomanero, Calzificio Hellen, Stella 2G, Maglificio Ninetta, children fashion, Packaging for “ Trasparenze”,also in collaboration with Playboy Europe.

Pictures of Elisa Basso,Retequattro, Mediaset, for a proposal to Fox magazine, Cinzia Molena, Big Brother, for a Playboy America casting, Patricia Vezzuli, “ Vivere”, for Borgomanero catalogue and campaign, Jessy Schneider, Ex-Stranamore, Channel 5, for Borgomanero and Fox proposal, Hype gallery… Federica Moro, for ads campaign.

Still-Life Ads Campaigns & Catalogues:

Coop Liguria with TBWA agency, Whirlpool, with Publicis, Sanyo Argo Clima, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Elephant…beers, Lindt Sprùngli, Caffè Bonomi for Eastern Europe,…

Nautical factories: Baglietto, Riva, Abbate brothers, Ferretti, Profilmarine….

Catalogues and gadjets publicity: Caffè Lavazza, Galbani, Walt Disney, Buitoni, Barilla, Nastlè, Mira Lanza, Martini,Kraft, M&M’s, Intesa pour l’ Homme, by Versace, Dash, Perfetti/Golia Bianca, Henkel, Dixan, Suchard, Italia Petroli/Esso, Linea Bizzarre, make up... for Vega 3, Milan.

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